Friday, October 2, 2009

Fraud? Distortion? Incompetence? Global Warming "science"

"I have been probing the arguments for global warming for well over a decade. In collaboration with a lot of excellent coauthors I have consistently found that when the layers get peeled back, what lies at the core is either flawed, misleading or simply non-existent. The surface temperature data is a contaminated mess with a significant warm bias, and as I have detailed elsewhere the IPCC fabricated evidence in its 2007 report to cover up the problem. Climate models are in gross disagreement with observations, and the discrepancy is growing with each passing year. The often-hyped claim that the modern climate has departed from natural variability depended on flawed statistical methods and low-quality data. The IPCC review process, of which I was a member last time, is nothing at all like what the public has been told: Conflicts of interest are endemic, critical evidence is systematically ignored and there are no effective checks and balances against bias or distortion."

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This piece explores in particular the distorted tree ring analysis allegedly showing that temperatures were stable until the 20th century, when they started rocketing upward, in the shape of a hockey stick. Researchers just threw out the data from a large number of tree rings that did not show exceptional global warming in the 20th century, relying on a few unusual tree rings that did seem to show unusual growth (hence unusual warming).

If the data does not fit the theory, just throw it out!

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